Guided Telepathy: Sexually Seduce and Make Him Fall In-Love With You by Marie at MPI

Guided Telepathy: Sexually Seduce and Make Him Fall In-Love With You

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About this guided telepathy

DISCLAIMER: This audio program contains adult language and sexually explicit scenarios and suggestions. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If you are under 18, do not download this audio program. It may also not be suitable for all adult listeners. Download and listen at your discretion.

TELEPATHIC REMOTE SEDUCTION with LOVE VISUALIZATION FOR WOMEN (TO BE USED ON MEN) is a guided MP3 telepathy program that women can use to remotely seduce and make any man they want fall in-love with them. You can use this program to remotely seduce an ex-lover, an ex-spouse, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger.

This guided telepathy uses first-person mental images and scenes that are very sexual in nature. The scenes use the power of the MENTAL TOUCH which is the most important aspect of remote seduction. 

It is the proper use of the magic touch that will drive your target person in sexual frenzy and eventually make them crave for you.

The scenarios in this guided telepathy will create a real-time effect on your target subject and they will experience and feel what you are doing to them telepathically using this audio program. 

This audio program has been tested for many years on different subjects with stellar results. The subjects ended up not being able to control themselves when they were around the person who performed remote seduction on them. 

How to Use this Guided Telepathy

You should listen to this audio program from start to finish every day, preferably once in the morning and once at night  before bedtime. You are free to listen more than twice a day.  The more you listen and perform the suggested scenes, the faster will be the effect on the other person.  

Although one session will already give you some effects that will last for hours, REPEAT sessions for an extended period will produce long-lasting results. 

So, it is advisable to listen UNTIL you get the results that you desire. 

Expected Results from this Guided Telepathy

  • The target will experience tingling sensations during your session. It doesn't matter if you are in the same room as your target or they are on the other side of the world. 
  • The target will be aroused in real-time and even experience a hard-on without knowing why
  • The target will feel as if someone is caressing his private parts and penis. He will feel the sensation of your "Magic Touch"
  • The target will develop an instant attraction towards you
  • The target will suddenly think of you with the intention to get to know you more. 

  • With repeat sessions, your target will start to dream about having sex with you. The dream will be intense and vivid that they MAY start to have "wet dreams".  They will wake up thinking about their dreams and discover that newfound sexual feeling they have for you. 
  • They start to think and day dream about you in a sexual way and they will not have control over these thoughts. 
  • Their sexual feelings for you will be so intense that they will start to miss you and start to imagine being with you.
  • They will think and believe that they are in-love with you in an obsessive way
  • They will think they are crazy because they cannot escape all the sexual images with you in their mind. 
  • They will try to forget you by forcing themselves to become interested in another person but they will only feel disgusted. 
  • They will only want you. They won't be interested in anyone else.
  • They will be very obsessed with you -- they will do their best to be with you. 
  • They will develop romantic feelings for you
  • They will always find ways to reach out and strike conversations with you
  • They will invite you out on dates
  • They will express their feelings for you

  • Your presence will instantly arouse them. They will have a hard-on just by being in the same room as you.
  • They will develop this intense sexual desire for you and they won't be able to control it, especially when you're near them. It's like something invisible controls their thoughts and feelings for you. 
  • Their sexual feelings for you will be very hard to explain and very hard to control. There will be times when they need to excuse to go to the restroom to masturbate.
  • Their sexual feelings for you will be so intense that they may unconsciously touch their private parts around you. 
  • Is it possible for them to tell you that you turn them on. It has happened many times to the users of this program. 
  • Your target will have this intense desire to be near you. They will follow you around the room and would want to sit beside you. They will be drawn to you like a moth to a lamp. 
  • They will always want to be with you and will always long for your presence. 

  • It doesn't matter if your target is your neighbor or they are in another country. The effect will still be the same. 
  • Your target will start to miss you that, sometimes, they could no longer take it. Their longing for you will be unbearable and painful that they will start to reach out to you and let you know about it. 
  • Since they will miss you a lot, they will start to be emotionally attached to you. They will develop feelings of "being in-love" for you.
  • The "feeling of love" will be more intense by the day that they will eventually think they are in-love with you.
  • They will be totally in-love with you and will always find a way to express what they feel for you 

  • They will lose interest in who they are with and start to associate the sexual feelings that they feel out of nowhere with YOU.
  • If their feelings for you become more intense, they will break-up with who they are with. 

What's included?

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Guided Telepathy: Sexually Seduce and Make Him Fall In-Love With You
45 mins