Subliminal: Ultimate Remote Seduction - Use on Women by Marie at MPI

Subliminal: Ultimate Remote Seduction - Use on Women

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About this subliminal

We designed ULTIMATE REMOTE SEDUCTION - FOR MEN (TO BE USED ON WOMEN) subliminal MP3 as an all-encompassing subliminal to remotely seduce any woman you like.  This man could be your crush, your ex, a stranger, or someone you know but don't know you. 

This subliminal contains our very own formula. We included nature sounds or meditative music, Solfeggio tones and frequencies, and brainwaves that can entrain your brain in a state that is conducive to subconscious programming. 

You will hear whispers when you listen to this subliminal. These whispers are the positive and empowering suggestions that we wrote to replace your false and limiting beliefs about your ability to mentally influence your target person.  

We recorded the suggestions in multiple voice tracks. The volumes of the tracks are set at a very low decibel (inaudible to the human ear) so that they will bypass your conscious mind and will be easily absorbed by your subconscious mind. 

If the suggestions are audible, your conscious mind will filter and block these suggestions using logic and reason; but without your conscious mind blocking and filtering these suggestions, your subconscious mind will completely accept these suggestions and eventually store them as your permanent beliefs. 

Then your subconscious mind will find a way to execute these beliefs in your reality for you to experience. 

If you are using any of our remote seduction audio programs as your primary tool to remotely seduce your target person, this subliminal will help speed up the results by playing this in the background while you work, do house chores, or go for a walk. 

How to use this subliminal

Use headphones/earphones/earbuds when you listen to this subliminal, unless you are alone in the room.

Listen to this subliminal 2 to 3 times a day at any time. Make sure you do not listen to more than 8 hours a day as this may cause dizziness and headaches.

Listen for AT LEAST 30 days because it takes time to reprogram your subconscious mind.

For faster results, read the suggestions contained in this subliminal every day and visualize them as your truths. Imagine the suggestions as if you already achieved them.

Stay positive and happy whenever you listen to this subliminal. Do not listen when you feel down, depressed, or in a bad mood. Your negative feelings will negate the positive suggestions contained in this subliminal.

Don't forget to hydrate or drink water every day when you listen to this audio program.

DO NOT obsess about the results when you listen to this subliminal audio program. Treat it as an ordinary activity. DO NOT ask when these suggestions will manifest as doubt and the feeling of uncertainty negate the suggestions.

You can loop the subliminal audio through the night, while you sleep.

For faster results, use this tool alongside other tools that can effectively reprogram your subconscious such as hypnosis, guided visualization, and taking action.

Do not listen to your subliminal while driving, when at the gym, or when carrying heavy objects.

Don’t play this subliminal when there are other people around you. The suggestions in this subliminal will influence their subconscious.

Effects of this subliminal

When you listen to this subliminal everyday for at least 30 days, you will notice any of the following effects:

  • You become good at remotely seducing any woman you like 
  • You will be more tuned in to female signals
  • You can easily seduce someone with your mind
  • You will emit seductive energy
  • You can easily imprint sexual thoughts in her  mind with force and power
  • You will develop dominant and strong energy
  • You become more calm, focused, and relaxed with regard to the effects of your remote seduction
  • You'll find remote seduction easy and natural 
  • Your subject will be defenseless from your seduction
  • Your subject will be more attracted to you
  • Your subject will be naturally drawn to you 
  • Your subject will flirt around you 
  • Your subject will talk to you with sexual undertones
  • Your subject will be turned on just by thinking of you
  • Your subject will think about having sex with you and day dream about it
  • If your subject chooses to act on her sexual desire, she will tell you her desire to have sex
  • Your subject will be so aroused when she thinks of you
  • Your subject will feel horny for you 
  • Your subject will think about kissing you
  • Your subject will be so turned on at the idea of you that she will most likely masturbate while imagining you
  • Your subject only wants to do it with you and not with anyone else 
  • Your subject will crave for your body to be on top of him
  • Your subject will fantasize different sex positions with you
  • Your subject will have vivid imagination as to how she will have sex with you
  • You subject loves the idea of you inside her
  • Your subject will have so much passion and intensity when having sex with you
  • Your subject will long for you and only you
  • Your subject will imagine doing all sort of things with you in bed
  • Your subject will always do her best to satisfy you sexually
  • Your subject will think she can only be sexually satisfied with you 
  • Your subject will always think about having sex with you again and again 

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Ultimate Remote Seduction - To be Used on Women
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